Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • I don’t live here permanently or I’m going away, can I suspend my service?

    Yes, of course.

    Direct debit start/stop

    We have a special form you can fill out and send to us. We will always acknowledge your request so you are assured service has been started or stopped. Direct debit customers are charged for the calendar months that they require the service. Remember if you are a phone customer the line rental for the number will still have to be paid which is 5€ per month.

    If service is used in any month you are charged for that month so switch on and off is only advantageous when you are away for more than 1 calendar month. For example, you will be in Spain from the 1st September to the 21st. So you pay the month of September. Or maybe you are in Spain from 15th July to the 15th August, in which case you pay both July and August.

    We also offer start/stop services by credit/debit card

    To give you the maximum flexibility you can order and prepay your monthly internet and television services to start on a date of your choice. You can pay for one or as many months continuous service as you wish. Any prepaid amount is valid for and must be used within one calendar year. You can prepay online, in person at any of our offices or by phone. We will always reply with confirmation.

  • Why don’t I get a monthly bill?

    To save on costs to our valued customers and working towards our mission of the paperless workplace, we do not issue a monthly bill. When you join us a part month payment is taken to bring all our customers into line for a billing date of the 1st of every month. Thereafter the monthly charge is taken on the same date every month.

    For those who receive phone services from us, monthly bills are easily calculated. The amount taken in a given month is the standing charge plus the cost of the calls (including IVA) made in the previous month. All bank billing is in arrears.

  • When do you take monthly payments from my bank account?

    The banking for our customers is always submitted on the 1st of every month. It can then take 3 working days for our bank to process and debit your account depending on who you bank with, some take even longer.

    If the banking fails due to lack of funds or any other reason, a fee of 5€ is levied by our bank which we pass on to our customers before we will reconnect their internet and/or phone service.

Landline Related Questions

  • Can I dial Spanish 902/901 numbers?

    Yes, you can. Please note that 902/901 are premium numbers and as such there is a higher connection charge and higher minute cost associated with calling these numbers. This is broadly in line with other telephone service providers, but can be a costly call if placed on hold for any length of time, so do be aware of this cost.

  • Can I dial UK (0)845 numbers?

    Yes, you can dial 08 number on our network. Please, be aware these are Premium numbers and have an extra cost.

  • How can I access and check my call log?

    To check the calls you have made, log into your account at voip.dvblab.com

    Enter your user name and password supplied with your contract and press LOGIN
    Please Check that your customer details are correct - if they are not please call us to rectify any errors.

    NOTE: It is advisable to change your password but please ensure you have registered a valid email with us so you can recover it, it you forget it.

  • Can I transfer my existing landline phone number to your company?

    Yes, and it's FREE of charge!. We are happy to help you keep your number. All we need is a copy of your ID document and the last bill from your current operator. This process usually takes 2-3 days.

Mobile Related Questions

  • How can I activate internet on my phone?

    Android devices:

    From the home screen, tap the Menu button.

    Tap Settings

    Tap More

    Tap Wireless & Networks

    Tap Mobile Networks

    Tap New APN

    Tap the Name field

    Enter Internet, then tap OK

    Tap the APN field

    Enter inet.es, then tap OK

    Tap the Menu icon

    Tap Save

    iOS devices:

    Using WiFi acces download internet profile

    Tap install and follow the instructions on your screen

    Note: If you internet does not work after applying this settings, please, switch off and then on your telephone.
  • Can I transfer my existing phone number to your company?

    Yes, and it's FREE of charge! We are happy to help you keep your number. All we need is a copy of your ID document and the 19 digits written on the back of your current SIM Card. This process usually takes 2-3 days.

Television Related Questions

  • Is the provided Television Service legal?

    Yes! Our company broadcasts free-to-air UK television channels 100% legally. Our channel lineup is designed to carry the main freeview/sat channels and for our Scandinavian & Russian customers we carry their main channels aswell.