VoIP service

Advantages of VoIP service

VoIP phone service offers many advantages to the residential and small office office users. Our VoIP phone services negate the need for any traditional landline as we carry the voice calls over our Internet service. This technology leads to greater financial savings and it's an alternative to traditional landline.

Using VoIP also means benefiting from its abundant features which can make your VoIP experience very rich and sophisticated. You are thus better equipped for call management.Features also include free Voicemail service, extra-virtual numbers (UK landline numbers), free calls between users of our network, free telephone support number, etc.

If you already have a landline number with another provider we can move your number to our company FREE of charge! All we need is a copy of you ID document and the last bill from your current provider. After the number is moved to our company we will call you with the instructions to connect your telephone to our system. Once the number is maintained by us you can cancel the contract with your original operator.

Note: Phone customers are tied to bank mandate payment which is collected in arrears, as call costs on a monthly basis will vary. A standing monthly charge of 5€ is always applied to keep the line active.

Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA)

An Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) is installed to all our customers who have the Phone Line Package. The adapter allows you to make phone calls using the broadband connection. The ATA adapter is very easy to use. Simply plug it into your network router or gateway, then connect your standard touchtone phone to Line 1 of the Adapter. All necessary information including your phone number are already programmed into it. All you need to do is connect and power it up to start making and receiving calling!

Depending on your internet package, you may not even need a telephone adapter because it comes integrated inside of the WiFi router!

VoIp features

This features are already included with our VoIP service:

Call rates to popular destinations starting from

  • Spain

  • 1,6 cents

  • UK / Ireland

  • 1 cent

  • Germany

  • 1 cent

  • Sweden

  • 1 cent

  • Norway

  • 1,2 cents

Check out our full call rate list.

Additional packages

  • 1000 Minutes Worldwide Landline

  • 10€

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